Welcome to MedXion! It is an international conference on life sciences that will gather students and speakers from all over the Europe to share the latest news in technology and innovations.

Scientific agenda will cover topics from stem cell therapy to soft skills to lay a strong foundation for a future career. Lectures, workshops and social program will be there to enhance your theoretical and practical knowledge, make new acquaintances and collaborate in international research.

MedXion will take place from the 21st to the 24th September 2017 in Vilnius, Lithuania, come and take a look into the future of medicine!

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Agostinho Moreira de Sousa will hold a lecture on ways to improve our health-care system and the main qualities of a future specialist.

Agostinho Moreira de Sousa is working as a medical resident in Public Health at the Primary Healthcare Cluster of Alto Tâmega and Barroso, Portugal and in the Portuguese Medical Association (Resident Doctors' National Council). He graduated in Medicine at one of the most interprofessional educational institutions in Europe, ICBAS – University of Porto.

M. Sousa has profound interest in students’ education and quality of medical studies in both local and international level. Since 2006 he participated in various students’ representative activities, held positions from the President of Local Student Government to the President of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA). A. M. Sousa has given speeches and directed workshops on the leadership and education development in the field of medicine since 2013.We are really happy to have such an active and enthusiastic person in our conference!

MX_presenter_Tumas Beinortas

Tumas Beinortas - University of Cambridge and Oxford University graduate, the co-founder of Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, a part of Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine in Lithuania. He is regularly organizing evidence-based medicine courses for medical professionals and students.
For every physician it's important to keep up with the latest research discoveries and life-long studying. However, a healthcare professional has to make sure that the information they are providing the patients and the treatments used are not only up-to-date, but also completely credible and scientifically proven. Our lecturer T. Beinortas will tell you how to find the newest information that is trustworthy and relevant. Moreover, he will show you how to quickly and efficiently answer the questions that you encounter in your everyday clinical practice based on medical evidence. What is more, you will learn how to critically evaluate all the information that you find in various publications – you will learn how to tell if the information is valid and trustworthy in just a few quick glances.
Enjoy the perfect chance to step up your game and welcome the evidence-based medicine into your everyday practise with Tumas Beinortas in MedXion!

MX_presenter_Nijole Gostautaite Midttun

Nijolė Goštautaitė Midttun is a psychiatrist and director of the nonprofit organization “Mental health initiative”. She is an active mental health advocate and her work involves research and analysis as well as training and organization development. 
N. Goštautaitė Midttun will present a relevant topic – “Psychiatry in the labyrinth: looking for identity and effectiveness”. She will speak about problems of using psychiatric drugs, art and psychiatry, openness and reticence of psychiatry, new and old models and an augmented reality experience "Labyrinth Psychotica".

MX_presenter_Agne Vaitkeviciene

Agnė Vaitkevičienė graduated from Vilnius University with Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology and later acquired her Master‘s degree in Donation of Organs, Tissues and Cells for Transplantation at University of Barcelona. She completed internships at Vilnius University Institute of Immunology, Blood and Tissue Bank in Barcelona, Hospital of University Joan XXIII of Tarragona. Currently Agnė is the CEO at JSC “Froceth”.

In 2007 this skilled professional started working in the first Lithuanian Stem Cell Bank Imunolita. 7 years later she contributed to establishment of the unique biotechnology company JSC “Froceth” (Frozen cell technologies). “Froceth” team specialises in oncoimmunology, traumatology and cosmetology and aims to help people by providing individual therapy services – therapy, which uses the client’s own cells, and/or tissues.

Dendritic cells is one of the cell cultures “Froceth” is working with. Capable of sensitising T-cells to both new and existing antigens, dendritic cell-based vaccine therapy is a new potent tool in fight against cancer. Wish to learn more? In our upcoming event Agnė Vaitkevičienė will not only answer your questions, but also review the most recent breakthroughs in both cancer and regenerative medicine. 

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