Innovative medical society presents the health innovation project IMDrone. IMDrone this is the cycle of events to promote health care innovations and the creation of businesses in the development stage. We are working to create an environment conducive to: sudarytume, to share and develop ideas to benefit the conservation and reconstruction of human health!


The first event of the project IMDrone "idea-pitchinimo sell now workshop"! 

A good idea is not easy, but even harder for a few minutes to convince other people to support it. In most areas of the business or scientific ideas to important persons of the presentation is called "delivery" ("pitch" comes from the baseball terminology). Although different industry has its own characteristics, the key ' pitchinim ' and ' skills in General. The aim is to acquaint the participants with the training Pitchinimo with key strategies for effective ideas to submit to attract more attention and potential opportunities to implement them. In this workshop, each will be able to apply obtained knowledge and try your hand at improvizuotose product sales courses in English and Lithuanian languages. New skills will definitely come in handy at the time of the great hakatono-IMDrono: main prize winning requires not only an amazing idea, but appealing presentation!

What is the pitchinimas in 30 seconds:

Participants shared the experience with an artist, entrepreneur and lecturer Arthur Bulota. From 2015 onwards. He is the official photographer of the FUJIFIL-X WORLD, this time in accordance with the creative work, the Agency BÜRO of the first area in Kaunas in Kaunas and Academy Talent Garden "kokìbe". A. from 2006 onwards Bulota. working with the largest companies in the Baltic States and by the creative ideas of more than 100 media projects.

The second event of the project IMDrone-"intellectual property-patents and protection of business." 

Business starts from the idea that the next steps for the implementation of the business plan and strategy-to-often created later. A good idea or a certain amount of intellectual property are complex, and the idea of wanting to girdėtą or tile it was easy enough. In order to prevent the "theft" of ideas, intellectual property can be protected by legal means, but such action requires specific knowledge. Therefore, in this workshop we want to give the players as much information and practical skills about the protection of intellectual property. 

Seminar of the multiannual experience in this area with adjacent to Žėkienė, which is currently headed by the STUDENT intellectual property management activities. During the event, you will gain general knowledge about intellectual property, inventions and patents legal protection and you will be informed of the specific examples.

IMD members can view the video of the seminar.